North Korea Executes Officials for Watching South Korean Soap Operas (Video)

South Korean soap operas are popular in many parts of Asia but watching them in North Korea could get you killed.

And that’s what happened with the North Korean authorities reportedly publicly executing several party officials for watching soap operas reports the Yonhap news agency.

Needless to say that all forms of media are strictly controlled by the paranoid Stalinist state.

Obviously, punishment is severe for North Koreans who dare to enjoy banned foreign shows and films.

In the above video, BBC interviews Yeonmi Park, a young woman who escaped North Korea.

In the nearly eight minute long clip, Yeonmi describes how she witnessed public executions in North Korea and about how she beat starvation by eating insects and grass.

Yeonmi escaped to China but found her’s and her mother’s situation there to be even worse with her mother being raped. Yeonmi now lives safely in South Korea with her mother and sister.


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