This Is Swimming With Dolphins? Honestly, I Don’t Think So

This dolphin footage is breathtaking, gorgeous. What amazing creatures. You see their sentience, their heart through their eyes. The video is titled Swimming With Dolphins on Youtube, captured by a handy GoPro camera. But it’s not.

That’s filmed from a moving boat.

If you have dreamed of swimming with dolphins like I always had, the experience is powerful, but not what you’d expect.

I did it in New Zealand, in the Bay of Islands, where hundreds of different pods swim through the area all year round for feeding. It’s acceptable to take tourists swimming with them because it’s not bothering the same pod over and over again. It’s also only allowed if they don’t have young calves with them.

But, you need to realize, dolphins swim fast. Even when they are cruising at their most relaxed speed, you need flippers, strong legs, and lots of stamina to keep up. I could, luckily, but the majority of the other swimmers did not. That is a disappointment to be prepared for.

It was magical, honestly. They were massive and I was swimming right among them, side by side. I loved every minute of it.

Once they headed off round the bay and I got back on the boat, I was completely exhausted, out of breath, and well pleased.




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