Why Was a Photo of Mark Zuckerberg Meeting a Chinese Official Censored?

The censored photo of Mark Zuckerberg with Wang Qishan. (HKU)
Mark Zuckerberg with Wang Qishan, one of the Chinese Communist Party's senior officials. (HKU)

This photo of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg with Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Qishan was removed from Sina Weibo.

The censored caption said:

Mark, how come we still can’t access to Facebook?

Last week, Zuckerberg attended a forum at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, and talked in Mandarin with staff, and students about Facebook.

He jokingly said: “We are already in China,” adding to speculation that his visit was a charm offensive to bring Facebook into the Chinese market.

China News Service reported that Wang Qishan met with Zuckerberg, and the university board, but this was the only photo the media publicized.

The Communist Party’s fear of the free flow of information means that Western platforms like Google, and social media like Twitter are blocked in China. Its double standards of prohibiting people’s access to Facebook, but meeting with its CEO caused much anger, and confusion among bloggers.

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