Desperate Locals Harvest Toxic Dead Fish to Sell at Markets (Photos)

    Some of the dead fish at a polluted lake in Guangdong. ( dead fish are floating on the water surface. ( polluted lake in Guangdong where lots of fish have been dying. (

    People in South China have a reputation for eating weird food, but this new delicacy is definitely taking it too far.

    Hundreds of African carp dying at Lake Liwan Park in Guangzhou are being collected by residents, according to Sina Cantonese.

    A security guard at the park told the media that people have been gathering the corpses, and selling large ones for 5 yuan (about $0.80), and small ones for 3 yuan (about $0.50).

    He added that the lake was dredged recently, and this may have been why the fish died.

    Apparently the local won’t listen to the guards when they’re told not to collect the fish, and instead get into arguments about it.

    When the reporter asked a man what he would do with the dead fish, he replied that he planned to feed them to his dog.

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