My Teacher is Too Pretty, I Can’t Focus at School

Pretty Teacher
Is this woman too pretty to teach? (Weibo)

This biology teacher is keeping students awake in her class. Her model-like appearance has caused an uproar on Chinese social media. She’s 5’9″ and likes to dress fashionably.

Pretty Teacher selfie

Pretty Teacher gives us a selfie. (Weibo)

Her name is Deng Yuanyuan, and she teaches in Jilin City. That’s in Jilin Province of Northeast China.

Pretty Teacher

They know she’s pretty, but they also like to learn. (Weibo)

My question is, does she know her students are posting her photos all across the internet? Indeed, some of these photos are posed, so perhaps she doesn’t mind the attention she gets from her students, nor from the internet.

Pretty Teacher

Uh, Ms. Deng? Can I stay late today? (Weibo)

Anyhow, the students think she’s a good teacher regardless of her distracting beauty, the type of beauty that would make you repeat a grade or two.

Pretty Teacher and student

Ms. Deng gets student love. (Weibo)

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