Could You Live in This Tiny Paris Apartment, Designed Like a Swiss Army Knife?

Kitoko Studio designed this little apartment, no minuscule apartment, and believe it is really easy to live in. What say ye? Is Paris worth it? Is this cosy, or just claustrophobic? Oh, the design is smart, but it gives me the feeling of a mouse living in a chest of drawers or something.

“You can discover in the video how we found a way to turn a tiny room (8 sqm) in Paris into a really functional and easy to live apartment (maybe the tiniest one in town).”

8 sqm, 8 square meters, that’s 86 square feet. A single person could do this. It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

According to Good Housekeeping: “Kitoko Studio took an old-fashioned “maid’s room” in a classic Parisian apartment building and made it actually livable. According to the blog Design Boom, these often-neglected rooms are getting a second look because of sky-high rents in Paris.”

Check out the video on Vimeo to see how it all folds in and out. Fun!

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