Fisherman on Yangtze River

    Fisherman on Yangtze river. (Image: over Yangtze river. (Image:

    The Yangtze River is the longest river in China. And definitely one of the greatest in the whole of Asia. But it has changed a lot lately.

    Not long ago, it was a very narrow river. It was possible only for smaller ships to pass through. And only during a few months in a year. After the construction of the Three Gorges dam, it has increased its level more than 100m! It is no longer a narrow river.

    Today’s Yangtze River, Long River or Changjiang River as Chinese people call it, is an incredible natural phenomena with so much water in it that huge intercontinental ships are able to go through. So much cargo is delivered every day on this river, and so much electricity is produced every day by the Three Gorges dam, that it has changed China.

    Not only has it changed the economy and energy sufficiency, but it has also changed the ecosystem and environment. And mostly, it has changed the lives of millions of people. (But I have already written a long article about life on the Yangtze River; right now, I just need some free time to translate it to English and post it here.)

    Even though it has changed a lot in the area of the Changjiang River, the simple fisherman’s life still exists. In the evening or early in the morning, you can see local people struggling on the river with their nets. Thye Yangtze River is definitely a place to visit. Just like these fishermen.

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