The Melody of Life

There is one thing you have in common with all the people in the world, and that thing is life.

We are all together in the experience of being alive, connected shoulder-to-shoulder by an invisible string, constantly being influenced by each other.

Science offers insights into this as well with the six degrees of separation theory, or in  mathematics, the fields study of chaos theory and its butterfly effect.

In a world where individualism is highly encouraged and profits have become the motivation of many, to stumble into one of those selfless individuals who has the ability to put a smile on the face of everyone around them is a real treat.

This promotional video by Thai Life Insurance is a touching story about one of those precious people who brings light and happiness to the world with the music of their hearts, and even in the greatest of suffering still thinks about how to help others.

So remember that we can bring light or darkness into the world with the state of our hearts, and by how we treasure each other with our words and actions. In my view, this is the first step to achieving true happiness.

Have you ever wondered, what is the value of life?


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