Beijing Dampens Halloween Celebrations to Avoid ‘Panic’

Kids celebrating this year's Halloween in Hong Kong.
Kids celebrating this year's Halloween in Hong Kong.

The kids in Halloween costumes above are from Hong Kong but festivities in the Chinese capital of Beijing have been dampened somewhat by officialdom this year.

To avoid panic on the city’s subway, anyone who dared to dress up as a monster or zombie for this year’s Halloween would have found themselves in trouble and under arrest by the police.

This has been done apparently to avoid ‘panic’.

Some mainland news media’s reports went further stating that there was a ban on wearing the Halloween type costumes and heavy makeup in other public places, not just subways.

Out of terrorism fears, the ruling will remain in place in the lead up to the APEC summit being held in Beijing Nov 5 – 12.

In fact authorities have a list of APEC summit-related restrictions. What a bunch of party poopers.



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