Hasidic Jewish Designers Pitch Modest Fashions to the Mainstream

Mimu Maxi
Mimu Maxi make modesty fashionable. (Screenshot: www.mimumaxi.com)

Brooklyn is home for the fashionable, trendy, hip. But Hasidic Jews defy that convention with religiously dictated fashions of extreme modesty. But two Brooklyn designers have been gradually changing that.

For the fashions of orthodox Judaism, it’s all about keeping everything hidden, and only wearing black, and having a bald head under a very tame wig. At least’s that’s the perception. But Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik are pulling the wardrobes open for modest women of all kinds.

These two Jewish hipsters run a fashion business called Mimu Maxi. What’s unique about them is that they take the laws of modesty from orthodox religion, and push them as far as they need to create a new, fashionably glamorous modesty.

I really hope this catches on. Not just for the purpose of changing the uniformly drab appearances of Jewish neighborhoods, but for the wider goal of promoting a modest genre in fashion.

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