Neuroscience Reveals Secret Benefits of Meditation

(Image: *_* via Compfight cc )
(Image: *_* via Compfight cc )

For years and years, science has continued to support mediation being good for your brain. Now the Scientific American releases one of the most comprehensive studies of meditation ever undertaken. The study looked at “contemplative practices that extend back thousands of years show a multitude of benefits for both body and mind”.

This article is very significant because western science has long been somewhat opposed to benefits they can’t understand. In fact, the link between modern science and ancient spiritual practices¬† are quite profound. The study done by Matthieu Ricard, Antoine Lutz and Richard J. Davidson showed that, “a mastery of meditation with direct benefits for improving focus, overcoming depression, dealing with pain and cultivating emotional well-being”. This is something that countless practitioners of everything from Tibetian Buddihism to Falun Gong have been reporting for years, so why does it take so long for the scientific community to accept these things?

The western scientific community has different ways of evaluating what they believe to be true and false and their scientific conclusions about meditation were that,

“this set of techniques for training the mind holds great potential for supplying cognitive and emotional benefits”.

Personally I am glad science is finally coming around.



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