BBC’s Excellent ‘Wild China’ Series, Episode 1, Heart of the Dragon

BBC delivered with this series on China—offering unparalleled excellence. It covers the entire scope of China’s vast and amazingly diverse landscape, the wild life found therein, and how the ancient wisdom of the people is still part of their everyday lives.

Wild China

Wild China is, hands down, the best documentary series on China. In-depth and fascinating. (Screenshot/Youtube)

The journey begins floating on the tropical Li river, night fishing by fire light, where we learn they are still using an fascinating ancient method of catching fish, without lines or nets.

Wild China and the River Li

Wild China introduces us to the art of fishing on the River Li, using their pet birds. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Soon we are gazing at the exquisitely carved mountainsides of rice paddies. The mysteries of how the farmers still work the land like their ancestors is revealed in careful detail and presented with stunning cinematography.

Wild animals and creatures live side by side with the people in the country, and often help farming families with their work—not only water buffalo, but frogs, birds, and other creatures are an understood and valued part of process.

Rice paddies, Wild China

The magnificent rice paddies explained in ‘Wild China.’ (Screenshot/Youtube)

Heart of the Dragon has much more to offer, but I’ll leave that for you to see for yourself.

If you find yourself hooked, which we certainly did, the whole series is on Netflix.

Wild China rice paddies

Hand carved into the mountains, the rice paddies are a marvel of humankind. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 3.37.54 PM

BBC’s series ‘Wild China’ is unparalleled.

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