How Bad Is This Smog? You Can Only See the Sun Above 15,000 Feet (Video)

This drone video was shot above the city of Tianjin, Hebei Province, near Beijing.

The GoPro camera is mounted on a model airplane that has to fly seriously high to see through the pollution.

There are four stages in the flight:

  1. At 300 feet high, it’s hard to even recognize any objects—is that sunlight or a streetlight?
  2. Flying to 8,000 feet high, the sun is becoming vaguely visible through the haze.
  3. Even at 10,000 feet there’s still some smog.
  4. Then at 15,000 feet, the plane breaks into cleaner air, and we can finally see blue sky—phewee!

What a shame that Chinese people can only see the sun if they live at high altitude.

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