What Is Lobbying and Can It Be Good?

Ask anybody under 30 to tell you what lobbying is and the answer is something like: “Ughh like when companies pay people to go the government and  lobby for them?” Well sort of, but lobbying is more complex than that.

Definition wise lobbying is, a citizens right to speak freely, to impact decisions, and petition the government.

Lobbying can be that simple, but it also involves big business who hire individuals paid by third parties to lobby on their behalf. This isn’t always bad though as many non-profit groups lobby for human rights issues like child survival and AIDS relief.

The big business side of lobbying though can be concerning. For profit lobbying spend can reach upwards of half a billion dollars a year. Overall it really can be a good or bad thing depending on what your views are.

If you’re still confused about lobbying watch the video to find out more.



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