You Can Sleep Like a Genius With the Help of This Chart

Not getting enough sleep 
Image: WarmSleepy via Compfight cc
Not getting enough sleep Image: WarmSleepy via Compfight cc

Sleeping patterns are as different as fingerprints. Even when there are similarities, we all have a peculiar schedule and habits, including the relationship with our bed.

Contrary to the popular belief that “a genius never sleeps,” well, it seems they do sleep, and the poetic notion of “creative insomnia” of the great writer staying up all night and waking up the middle of the afternoon as a daily thing may be just a romantic idea imposed on us. Of course, there is the exception to the rule, and some great geniuses did do an all-nighter on a regular basis.

I found this chart refreshing and liberating. The idea of the crazy artist creating under the moonlight has stayed in my head as a fact, and because of that, I did try several times to stay up all night working, with the idea it’s at night that inspiration comes!…  As you can see, most of these examples had their main chunk of rest during the night, waking up before noon, with an occasional nap here and there.

Who knows, maybe traditional Chinese culture had it right, and the best time to go to bed is before midnight, then the body starts its replenishing process.


Is your sleeping pattern similar to that of a genius?


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