This Orphaned Baby Otter Tips the Cuteness Scale to Dangerously Fuzzy Levels (Video)

This little orphaned otter pup is feeling quite loved and relaxed now. Found on a California beach on Sept. 30, she’s settling in nicely at her new home. What strikes me most deeply about this furry faced creature, is that she’s so darned cute.

Baby otter pup

This baby otter being otterly adorable on the scales. She needs 24-hour care. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Pup 681 (until someone gives her a sweeter name) is the newest member of Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. “She spent four weeks recuperating at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California,” according to Today. She weighed only two pounds when she was heard crying on the beach alone, and was in critical condition, according to Today, who have spoken with the aquariums chief of animal collection at Shedd.

Now the 5-week-old otter pup weighs 6 pounds, and is healthy and well, and even cuter. Is that possible?

Have a great weekend, and if you need to chill out, why not try floating in the bath like this baby otter and then roll up in a warm towel?

Cute baby otter pup

Baby Pup 681 is demonstrating how to cute. (Screenshot/Youtube)


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