Umbrella Fashion Show Interrupted in Beijing, Designer and Models Arrested

One of the models carrying a blood-stained umbrella. (Image:
One of the models carrying a blood-stained umbrella. (Image:

A Beijing fashion designer has disappeared after she put on a “Yellow Umbrella” fashion show on Oct. 30 to raise awareness of the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong.

Over 10 models appeared wearing nurse outfits and face masks, and carrying umbrellas spattered with red liquid to look like blood. The audience was apparently shocked into silence.

Security guards stopped the show, and designer Liu Wei and her models were arrested, according to Liberty Times Net.

Liu has not been seen since the show, and her whereabouts are unknown.

Research by Mona and Lulu

[Updated Nov. 10 – Designer’s name corrected from Liu Meng to Liu Wei who is a woman.]



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