How the Umbrella Revolution Is Dividing Families in Hong Kong (Video)

This short film called “Today I unfriended my mama” highlights the opposing perspectives of the different generations in Hong Kong.

It was produced by Arm Channel TV Network, and shows a young protester’s difficult relationship with her mother who is a so-called Blue Ribbon as she doesn’t support the protests.

The story revolves around the protagonist’s anguish at having to unfriend her mother on Facebook due to their different beliefs. She feels grateful toward her mother for raising her, and working hard to help her go to university. Through her education she learned how precious freedom and democracy are for her generation which is why she joined the protests.

The Hong Kong Lion Rock spirit—to strive for a better life under the city’s iconic mountain—is slowly disappearing, and now she can’t afford to buy an apartment like her parents’ generation, even though she has a job and a good education.

If her voice isn’t heard, there’s no hope for her generation. She believes her mother will be proud of her… sooner or later.

The video drew a lot of comments on Facebook with many bloggers saying they’d had similar experiences. Here are some of them:

  • “How many understand that unfriending isn’t about your real heart, but your sense of justice and conscience?”
  • “Don’t feel bad if your goal isn’t the same as theirs. I know many of my relatives unfriended me and some of my elementary school classmates. I’m not afraid, let them do as they wish.”
  • “The real power of democracy is to accept different opinions, other nationalities, and all our differences differences to live harmoniously; that’s the ideal society we are striving for. We’re using peaceful ways to voice ideas and patiently  listen to other views. Even if they unfriend us, we’ll still be their friends. So those who are against us will understand what we’re doing.”
  • “It would be good if different views could exist together. In our family, the Blue Ribbons talk loud too, while the Yellow Ribbons try to avoid confrontation.”

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