Lost in China With the Hutchens Brothers: Ice City Harbin (Video)

This is the Ice City episode of a six part series by National Geographic, “Lost in China With the Hutchens Brothers.”  The other episodes are The Three Gorges Dam, The Silk Road, Going Local, Beijing Boom, and Kicked Out of Gansu. 

Some takeaways from this episode

  • Harbin is cold (pretty much every frame, 5:45, 27:00)
  • Harbin has been heavily commercialized (1:52)
  • Swimming in ice isn’t fun (9:51)
  • Annual Harbin ice festival is pretty crazy (17:24)

Overall, while this episode does do a lot to expose some of the ways Harbin has changed since the two brothers last lived there, it falls short in other regards. While trying to show everything that has gone good with Harbin they fail to explore some of the terrible environmental disasters that have plagued it as well.

Any well balanced look at China needs to include multiple aspects, otherwise aren’t they somewhat misleading viewers.

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