This Family of Adopted Kids May Restore Your Hope in Humanity

It’s National Adoption Awareness Month, and I want to help full the internet with the hope adoption brings to humanity. I know there are a lot of dogs that need rescuing, I see it on Facebook all the time. But, I don’t see much about children.

The dad in this video, I Like Adoption is saying (his house is like a mini United Nations) there is nothing on earth you can buy or do that will bring you happiness and peace, like the satisfaction of saving a child and giving them hope and a good life.

But, the kids have much, much more to say about being rescued. This video is so touching, there are really good people out there.

Adopted kids

The kids in this big family were all adopted, and very lucky to be so. (Screenshot/Youtube)

The adoption option is the hopeful option.

Here’s the wesbite at the U.S. Children’s Bureau.

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