Hong Kong Students Would Rather Be Arrested Than Surrender

The protest site in Admiralty. (Monica Song/Vision Times)
The protest site in Admiralty. (Monica Song/Vision Times)

It’s 47 days since the students in Hong Kong began peacefully occupying the city in Admiralty, and they’ve been making history for the world to see.

But on Nov. 11, there was a clear message from the SAR Government that it will execute court orders to clear the area, and Acting Chief Executive Carrie Lam said that police are preparing to enforce the law, including making arrests.

It’s hard not to imagine something terrible might happen if the students aren’t evacuated before police start clearing the site, and many people are worried that they’ll use tear gas or other violent methods.

Yet the students obviously know what they’re facing. Lester Shum, one of the student leaders, said: “I would rather be arrested than surrender.”

One of the democracy organizations suggested these solutions to the situation:

  1. Leave the site for now, but return to the government headquarters every month to protest.
  2. Have a big parade during the university break.
  3. Evacuating now for a larger activity later.

Even though big changes could happen in the coming days, the students are showing no signs of giving up.









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