Moving Art Gallery: You’ll Never Feel Sleepy on This Train

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    Did you ever imagine a train could be an art exhibition? This “Moving Gallery” in Taiwan is preparing to depart!

    The painted train will debut when the Taipei MRT Songshan Line begins operation on Nov. 15.

    The colorful images were painted by these six artists:

    • Mr. Chiao, online illustrator of 2 Days Studio
    • Milu, a 9-year-old who suffers from a hyper-kinetic disorder
    • Philippe Marcus, a French artist who specializes in abstract art
    • Candy Bird, a local street artist
    • Huang Sung-hua, a fantasy illustrator
    • Hsieh Yi-ju, who’s renowned for her watercolors of forests and animals

    So look up from your phone and shift your gaze to the beautiful pictures around you.





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