Understanding Why Russia and Ukraine Have a Beef (Video)

Have you been wondering why the Ukraine has been a pretty hot topic  at the G20 summit this week?

It’s a pretty sore subject for Russia, so much so that Russian President Vladimir Putin left the summit early apparently to ‘catch up on some sleep’.

You can read that as, ‘stop asking me about the Ukraine’.

Russia and the Ukraine have a long and complicated history which is explored in this video.

It’s pretty important to understand the history of the conflict to understand where we have come to in 2014.

Just last week the United States hesitated to call Russian tanks crossing the border into Ukraine an invasion, none the less tensions are beyond high, and some think war is imminent. I am not sure sure about that, but watch the video to be a bit more educated about why there’s so much ‘beef’ between the Ukraine and Russia.

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