Watch This Girl’s Reaction When She Finds Out She’s Getting Adopted

Meredith had been staying with this foster family for 6 months—before that, who knows how many foster homes had been in. When they say we want to adopt you, wow, you see every pain from her life just melt. This may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I haven’t been more satisfied with anything in a long time, and I didn’t even adopt her.

Skip to 2:15 if you want—he spends a couple of minutes telling her how wonderful she is, how they’ve grown to love her, and they pray together, then he drops the adoption bomb.

This video was posted on Together We Rise, a foster care and adoption organization making huge differences in one lonely and unloved child’s life after another.

Thinking about adopting seems like such an insurmountable task and commitment, but this shows me that it is not. In this case it is win-win all around, they’ve adopted a teenager who will make a wonderful big sister and babysitter to their own little baby and toddler. But the satisfaction and joy of giving a kid hope would be the biggest win.

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It’s Adoption Awareness Month, so lets fill our internet with great stories of children being rescued for once.

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