Is Brooklyn Street Fashion This Extraordinarily Ordinary?

Well I don’t know if this represents Brooklyn street fashion, at least I hope it doesn’t.

To be fair, Brooklyn fashion is hard to categorize. There are definitely fashionable people in Brooklyn, but to put a finger on it, to bring it out from the larger Brooklyn environment and say it represents a style, impossible. There are too many elements colliding. I don’t see a unified style emerging, or at least one you could identify.

It may be easier if you place a person from Brooklyn in a place like…Norway. You’ll probably be able to tell they are from some far off land before they start to blend in.

But most Brooklyn fashions reflect the drab, metallic, subway driven environment which surrounds them. If anything, they encapsulate New York City fashion.

I could be saying this because I am from Brooklyn, and so I take Brooklyn street fashion for granted. As if nothing special.

Brooklyn fashion is inseparable from the environment you find it in.

People in Brooklyn wear the kinds of stuff you see in the video, but they also wear many kinds of things you don’t see here. There wear all kind of things. Everyday is a chaotic fashion fiesta.


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