MMA Fighter Humbles and Reinvents Himself With Indian Spirituality

Jonathan Brookins knew he had to change his life and seek spirituality. He is now known as the most humble fighter in MMA.

Jonathan Brookins

Jonathan Brookins working out with the UFC. (

After a defeat in competition, he took off for India. In India, he trained in yoga and humbled himself. He gained a new outlook on life.

Spirituality provides strength and balance to his MMA training.


In India, it’s very possible he learned something much more authentic and spiritually connected than what passes for yoga outside of India.

He’s looking to do more than just fight his way to a championship, he’s looking to live right. He’s looking to round out his life.

Jonathan Brookins yoga

Jonathan Brookins likes the calming effects of yoga. (Fightland/YouTube)

In traditional martial arts, fighting and spirituality went hand in hand. In China, Kung Fu directly came out of the Buddhist temple. Many styles of fighting were also integrated within Taoist practices.

Even when there wasn’t a direct religious link, traditional fighting styles always held being humble in high regard. A traditional master would never pass on his art to someone he felt lacked morals.


Jonathan Brookins

Jonathan Brookins in the ring before a fight. (Fightland/YouTube)

And here we see a modern competitive fighter seeking a spiritual road, just like in ancient times. The difference is, he’s had to seek it out and find it for himself. Will other fighters follow?

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