Communists in Taiwan Are Going Public, Beating Locals on the Streets

Communists are going public in Taiwan and they aren’t being shy about it, threatening and even beating anyone who gets in their way of public displays of “love” for their Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Zhang Xiuye, an active communist yelled over a loudspeaker at the public:

“I’m a Communist. So what? I also hope that the CCP comes here as soon as possible to eliminate all of you.”

Taiwanese people made this video trying to get more attention on the issue and calling for the government to deal with it.

Unbelievably, this is what’s happening right in front of Taipei 101, the most famous building in Taiwan.

The group of people claimed themselves as Communists from the Concentric Patriotism Alliance. The association is said to be linked to Chinese Communist Party, which can also be seen from the Chinese Communist Party flags the man and the woman in the video are holding.

They have been there beating and threatening Taiwan’s citizens for almost a year, on an almost daily basis. And this is still a serious issue now happening. Let’s hope this doesn’t spread.

Regardless of the failings of our democracies, communism and violence is definitely no solution.

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