Wanna Get Some Loving? It’s All About Attitude

Attitude is everything! (Image: flickr_KDL Photography)
Attitude is everything! (Image: flickr_KDL Photography)

Some people just have “it”, don’t they? They possess an indescribable quality we all want. We flock to them, stand in their shadow, and hope some of their magic will rub off on us.

What is this magic? I’m talking about a natural confidence, an effortless “cool,” and a happiness in being in their own skin.  That’s the kind of feeling everyone wants—you can’t deny it!

What do they have that you don’t? Nothing actually, they’ve just found themselves. Some call it being “in the groove,” others call it “peace of mind,” others call it “Mojo”—call it what you will… the point is we all want to have this  attitude that is so attractive to others.

Get that attractive attitude!

  1. Find your center and connect with it everyday. Whether it’s through meditation, painting, walking, gardening, or just a quiet moment of looking within, find the peaceful place within yourself. This is your strength and your own sanctuary when you need it. Be calm, be strong, just be.
  2. Find your grace, it is so beautiful. A positive person feels good to be around because they are full of gratitude—even for small things. Gracious people notice and are thankful for the lessons they encounter everyday. Grace transforms your world into a rich tapestry; it is an open and  joyful mindset.
  3. Find your conviction. People who know themselves and where they are going carry a definite air about them. They follow their heart and listen to their conscience—this is something you just can’t fake!
  4. Find your greatest love—yourself. It all starts with you. If you can unconditionally love yourself as you are, you are giving yourself the most precious gift of all. Have dignity for who you are; you’re worthy, you’re welcome.
  5. Find your nobility. For me, nobility is the crowning virtue that separates mice from men. It takes strength to be upright, and there is nothing more attractive than true depth and substance of character. Wear your golden crown!

We all feel scattered and insecure sometimes.

But when you re-discover your “self,” you’ll realize that it was always there hidden within.

Let your new peace of mind shine and be a positive role model for others.

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