Millennials Like ‘Organic,’ Even If They Don’t Know Why

Why do millennials prefer organic? (Image: anne arnould via Compfight cc)
Why do millennials prefer organic? (Image: anne arnould via Compfight cc)

Millennial shopping habits have been critiqued over and over.  Millennials apparently like socially-responsible companies, and love things organic.

Conversely, as The Atlantic points out, millennials are easily fooled by organic marketing mainly because they “desire honesty.

They want to believe.” Brands have caught onto this and use labeling and marketing to make millennials buy more things that are organic, or appear to be.

Which brings up the question, what is organic anyway?

To get the USDA organic seal, foods have to consist of 95-100% organic ingredients. Pretty simple, right?

The danger isn’t in the term organic; its what that word conveys to the consumer.

Consumers have been programmed (and none more programmed than millennials) to assume organic means better, more healthy, and nutritious. Therefore, they are willing to automatically pay a higher price.

Ironically, since organic or locally labeled foods are perceived as being healthier and more nutritious, large brands are now marketing more towards that.

Which means that millennials will likely be buying from the big bad brands they try to avoid.

I am as guilty as anyone. I buy more local and organic because I assume it’s better—I guess marketing works on me too!


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