This Is the Most Painfully Funny and Strange ‘Only in Russia’ Compilation of 2014

Wow, they’re not so scared of pain over in Russia, are they.

Incase you’re skimming:

2:30 – Just what the heck? Why would he? Only in Russia, right?

3:43 – Oh, a sink hole is opening up next to me, please let me in your lane, thanks.

4:38 – He’s fallen asleep driving our truck, how funny, let’s film that.

5:48 – Not sure what she is working-out on while pushing her baby to sleep? Industrial wheat plow blades?

7:25 – Man catching fish (salmon?) with “bear” hands.

7:55 – Russian dogs are so weird. Russian cats seem to be cool with that.

8:36 – This has to be the ultimate Russian fail, and this entire compilation is full of good ones.

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