2 Student Leaders of Umbrella Movement Arrested by Hong Kong Police (Photos)

    Student leader Joshua Wong being arrested by HK police. (Image: NTDTV)Student leaders Lester Shum (L) and Joshua Wong (R) speaking to demonstrators. Both have been arrested. (Image: NTDTV)Joshua Wong among demonstrators in HK. (Image: New Century Net)

    Joshua Wong, an 18-year-old student leader of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, has been arrested in Mong Kok.

    A witness called Yim said: “It is non-violent action for those students without any weapons. Just sitting in the tent, they were like sitting ducks being arrested. They hope to show to the world that their determination to have universal suffrage can’t be deterred.”

    At 9 a.m. on Nov. 25 , policemen began to clear the occupied site at Mong Kok until 5 a.m. the next morning. Police used pepper spray, tear water, which is stronger than tear gas, sticks, and dogs to clear the site.

    They arrested 86 people, and on 26th in the morning more people were arrested. Up to 11 p.m. on the 26th, they arrested 146 people.

    They kept clearing the site as more people poured into Mong Kok.

    In the evening of the 26th, student leaders Joshua Wong and Lester Shum were both arrested.

    Spokesperson of the student group Lester Shum said that he hopes both sides will remain calm to solve the problem. He was arrested as he was sitting there, and more than 10 policemen came to surround him, not allowing any photos to be taken showing what was happening.

    The student leaders were among those arrested as hundreds of officers swept through the bustling area of Mong Kok, clearing barricades and tents. It is reported that 4,000 police in total were involved in this action.

    Student association spokeswoman Guo Liang called on Hong Kong citizens for support, and hopes more people can help to use all means to check whether the police are using force against the students. She said that if police keep using violence for clearing the site, there will be more activities following.

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