Guangzhou Hotel Serves as China’s Ebola Quarantine (Video)

China’s track record with health related outbreaks is pretty bad. There was the SARS coverup, and now we have an alleged Ebola coverup as well.

A hotel in Guangzhou is acting as a secretive quarantine center for suspected Ebola patients in China.

VOA News reports that The Hotel Canton (a state owned hotel) is housing five floors of doctors as well as patients from Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and the Congo.

These patients are staying at the hotel for free though they are allowed to travel around the city as long as they take a GPS tracking phone along with them.

The Hotel Canton is the only hotel in the city allowing African visitors at this time.

As thousands of Africans travel to China every month it remains to be seen how this would help stop an Ebola outbreak.

Presumably Africans are being funneled into the Hotel Canton to be tested for the virus, though it is unknown at this time if anything has been detected.

As usual information from the Chinese government is hard to come by.

See the video above for more.

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