Kobe Bryant Rejuvenates for Spectacular Win Over Raptors

What is this? A Kobe Bryant resurgence? This is MVP form.

We can’t say Kobe didn’t tell us he was going to do it. We all knew this since preseason training.

Kobe Bryant Collage

Kobe defies the laws of basketball once again. (Image: jesseducation)


If the Lakers start winning, all those Kobe doubters will once again stay quiet. They’ll probably say that it took Bryant a bit to get used to a new coach, or recover from his injuries or what have you.

Perhaps he and Byron Scott needed some time to gel. But that’s like saying Bryant himself wasn’t always the coach of this team.

Kobe Bryant returns to MVP form.

Kobe Bryant is like that dependable warrior on the ancient battlefield, the one who doesn’t change course or change attitude, no matter if faced with death or defeat. In his heart there is only one singular goal.

If Kobe ever decides to retire as a player, as hard as that will probably be to do for him, he’s sure to make an even better leader as coach.

Kobe Bryant dunk

Is the Kobe we used to know back? (Image: Boixoesnois)


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