World’s Greatest Traveler Still Driving, 550,000-Miles, 177 Countries, 26 Years in One Car

When I get stuck in traffic on the way to work sometimes I find it a bit burdensome. This 74-year-old has been driving across the planet, non-stop, for 26 years! Gunter Holtorf is easily the world’s greatest traveler.

Traveling the globe in one car

Traveling for almost three decades in his Mercedes across the planet, he’s the ultimate eternal nomad. (Screenshot/Youtube)

In all those years this guy has gone 550,000 miles and visited 177 countries. Talk about an epic road trip!

Traveling the globe in one car

The roads he took his car on were pretty hairy to say the least. He says he drives like a grannie and never has car trouble. (Screenshot/Youtube)

You’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard about this guy. It’s because he doesn’t do it for fame, money, or accolades. He does it for old fashion reasons, such as, you know…he enjoys it!

Traveling the globe in one car

Too close for comfort with baboons. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Oh, and he’s done this trip in the same car. He calls his car Otto, and it’s packed with food. He lives out of it, keepingĀ costs low by not eating out and staying in hotels. I’ll have to remember this trick next time I go traveling.

Traveling the globe in one car

Traveling the globe in one car takes a special kind of human. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Watch the video to learn more about this fascinating human, and to see his amazing photo journal.

Whats the longest road trip you’ve ever done? Does it beat 550,000 miles?

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