Eating Natto Like a True Japanese (Video)

I was watching this video about someone eating natto, and I could not help gagging, which caught my husband’s attention:

Husband: “What are you watching?”

Me: “Its a video about someone eating natto; I can’t accept that someone would do that!”

Husband: “I’ve eaten natto…”

Me: “Only hatters would eat natto; it’s sour like their soul!”

OK, I may be overreacting about natto, I know… But I still have strong feelings against eating it. It doesn’t matter about all the health benefits health experts associate with it, and of course its natural enzyme, Nattokinase. 

Natto has been used as a folk remedy for diseases of the heart and circulatory system (cardiovascular disease) for hundreds of years. Nattokinase, the chemical in natto that is probably responsible for its effects, was discovered by a University of Chicago researcher, Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi,” according to

Well, if you’re able to eat this nutritious dish that Japanese people have “enjoyed” for centuries, you definitely should go ahead and make it a staple in your diet. Don’t let my strong emotional resistance to natto stop you from having a healthy diet.

Research by Wei

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