How Are Astronauts Not Getting Nailed By 500,000 Pieces Of Space Junk?

Whizzing by in Earth’s orbit at around 5 miles a second, even a paint chip would blow a hole right through you.

With over 500,000 pieces of space junk, how are satellites and spaceships even able to get up there?

Space junk is man-made debris such as dead satellites and everything from fragments from disintegration to erosion, and collisions. (500,000 of them.)

Scientists have to track the orbits of the junk to prevent them from colliding with spaceships or satellites. NASA and the U.S. military are tracking 20,000 objects that are over four inches in length.

And while this graphic may look frightening, space is so BIG and VAST, that it’s not reached critical levels yet. But it’s already a major headache.


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