World AIDS Day: China’s Official Data Questioned by Expert

Many poor people have HIV in China. (Image:
Many poor people have HIV in China. (Image:

As World AIDS Day passed on Dec. 1, people around the world have been discussing the issue. A doctor in China believes the government data released there do not match the true situation.

State media People’s Daily reported these figures from the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China:

  • There are currently 497,000 people living with HIV in China.
  • 154,000 have died of it since China’s first recorded in 1985.
  • Sexual transmission has replaced blood transmission as the No. 1 cause of infection.

But Dr. Gao Yao Jie, who was interviewed by Hong Kong media Apple Daily in 2013, said that the number of infections and deaths was estimated at over 10 million, and the main reason isn’t that simple.

In her 2013 book Truth Under the Lens: A Live Documentary of AIDS in China, Jie revealed the truth of the “Plasma Economy” in rural China which started in the late 1980s, when officials and businessmen tricked farmers into selling their blood for cash. This caused numerous young farmers and their families to be infected by the virus, and many died in the 1990s.

Jie also mentioned in the book that she has found 22,000 graves of AIDS victims in Henan Province alone.

She believes the Plasma Economy to be as brutal as the Tiananmen Massacre.

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