China Has a Dire Water Shortage and It’s Scary For These Reasons

Environmental pollution in China gets a ton of headlines. There is another type of crisis that may be equally as scary for the country, a looming water shortage.

China’s state run media has previously reported that 60 percent of the groundwater in China is polluted, that’s insane!

The water quality in China is worsening at an alarming rate due to lack of control, policies, and education about the matter.

Now the results are a huge water shortage in the country. All attempts to reroute water or solve this problem have not been very effective.

This disaster is a direct result of the Machiavellian, at any cost industrial growth China has been pushing for decades. Without the systematic and intelligent build-out of cities with environmental studies and considerations, pollution just runs rampant.

It’s really a shame because without water and access to clean water all of the economic effort will have been in vain.

How could a government care more about profit than the health of their citizens?

Oh wait we’re talking about the Chinese Communist Party, never mind. Forget I asked.

See the above episode from China Uncensored for more about the water shortage and the insanity that drives it.

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