Here’s an Honorable Man Who Turned a Humiliating Bet Into a Viral Video

If you’ve being confused by Sia’s Chandelier music video, you probably felt something inside of you slowly die as you watched it. Well, someone made something “good” out of that, and I am thankful.

Chuck Jose, who is a digital operations specialist for Sony Computer Entertainment America, a.k.a. Play Station, lost a fantasy football bet. His punishment, re-create Sia’s Chandelier music video to perfection… and HE NAILED IT!

How did he turn this humiliating bet in to a viral sensation? By doing it with all he had and putting all his heart into it, and we can definitely see it. Chuck Jose turned out to be a “natural” to whatever the kid in the video is doing, oh yea: “Modern dance.”

Who do you think is better, Chuck Jose or the chandelier boy?


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