Smell a Rat? Diner Scarred for Life After Finding Dead Rodent in Food

A Shanghai man found a dead rat in his dinner on Nov. 22 (Image:
A Shanghai man found a dead rat in his dinner on Nov. 22 (Image:

What’s the most disgusting meal you’ve ever had?

Mr. Zhang was with his family at the South Memory Hunanese restaurant in Shanghai on Nov. 22. when he found a dead rat in his dinner halfway through the meal.

According to, when Zhang told a waitress, she quickly took the dish away. But they had already taken photos as evidence.

The manager offered to give them a new meal, and 1,000 yuan ($163) in vouchers.

However, Zhang said this was unacceptable, and eventually they agreed to compensation of 20,000 yuan ($3,261) providing Zhang kept quiet on the matter.

But he reported the incident to the press anyway, so the restaurant refused to give him the money.

Then Zhang demanded 100,000 yuan ($16,303) instead, saying the vermin had caused psychological damage, and they all needed hospital tests in case it was diseased or poisoned.

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