This 77-Year-Old Grandma Will Embarrass You at Powerlifting Any Day

Who says age matters? Not New York’s 77-year-old grandma Willie Murphy.

Weighing in at just 105 pounds soaking wet, Murphy doesn’t look anything like a champion powerlifter.

But appearance notwithstanding, Murphy can deadlift 215 pounds, more than twice her weight, and dead curl 60 pounds. What’s amazing is she’s only been powerlifting for four years, and started with just 5 pounds.

Murphy won division titles in deadlifting, bench pressing, and power curling at the WNPF (World Natural Powerlifting Federation) World Championships, and won the competition’s 2014 Lifter of the Year award.

Obviously, nobody has to help her carry groceries, or lift her grandkids, or even push her car out of the snow.

As Murphy says: “It’s about life… ‘L’, ‘I’, ‘F’, ‘E’… life!”

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