Why Gen Y Has More Debt Yet More Power

    Various Pew Research surveys conducted between 1990 and 2014 paint an interesting picture of millennials.

    It says millennials tend to be poverty stricken owing in no small part to high levels of student debt.

    Not to mention the recession we ‘had to have’.

    They say that’s one of the reasons millennials are the most reluctant ever to marry, and have the highest out-of-wedlock birthrate ever.

    Do you accept it when they say millennials rely on tech and social media to glue their relationships together, or that of all groups millennials are the most positive about the future.

    “Millennial Marketing Guy™” Jeff Fromme holds that Gen Y are wooed by almost every brand. As their purchasing power increases, so their power grows.

    Companies know that Social ads on smartphones are more preferred by Generation Y, and with the advent of Instagram, millennials have a way of sharing pictures of the things they like and each other – everywhere.

    And as an InsightExpress study found two out every five Millennials would feel anxious without their smartphones.

    How on earth did humans survive in the past without instant communication with each other?

    Question is, What do you feel about this, is it fair? Do you feel hard done by? Do you blame previous generations for denying you the means to marry, are you confident about always having secure employment? What else is unfair?

    Reply in comments and share, let’s dig out what is really going on.

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