Funny New ‘Dunk-A-Chicken’ Music Video About Village Life in Southern India

World meet Wilbur Sargunaraj, a very funny guy. His video explores his fathers home village in southern India. Wilbur is a self proclaimed Youtube Star, according to him he’s India’s first.

Wilbur was a drummer in a few bands in India before he began messing around with making music videos six years ago. This one has to be his funniest.

Dunk a chicken is a play on a common Indian music thing—singing non-sensical syllables, like a rhythmic “dunk-a-chick” is standard. He used his Aunts chicken to dunk for the video.

My favorite line in the song is,

‘we eat old rice with pickle, because this is the village way’

Using music and humor to teach us about culture, in this case, the simple bliss of village life, is really applaudable, especially while wearing the most outrageously stylish plaid pants ever.


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