Prepare Yourself: The Trailer for ‘Terminator Genisys’ Is Already Here

The trailer here looks intense. It’s full of time travel madness. I’m already confused at who traveled where and at what time.

In the new film, a war will be waged on John Connor, our rebellious antagonist. The Terminators have been trying to defeat John by going back to the past and killing his mother before she has a chance to give birth. This time he and his mother fend off attackers confronting them in the past and the future, simultaneously, perhaps leaving us in a psychological spin that questions the nature of time.

And what’s this?! A young and an old Arnold Schwarzenegger make an appearance, confusing things even more. As if this time travel element is more than cinematic theory.

The first Terminator films were groundbreaking in their use of special effects. They brought the term “cyborg” into common usage. Can this new film revive the franchise and rival T2: Judgment Day? Judging from the trailer it looks possible.

The new Terminator film will have more awesome time jumping action sequences, and a youthful Arnie.

The movie is scheduled for a July 15 release.

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