Could You Live Life Like the Longest Living People on Earth?

Image: atzu via Compfight cc
Image: atzu via Compfight cc

What if I tell you that the secret to longevity is in a remote region in China?

The ethnic group Bama Yao is very well known for their long life. The Bama people have a tradition of leading a frugal, simple, healthy life, habits of  helping others, and harmonious family lives.

Many attribute their longevity to their natural environment and lifestyle.

Bama is located in a remote mountainous area in the Guangxi Zhuang province, it is a place untouched by the pollution of modern development, the ground and water are rich in micronutrients that are essential for a healthy body, such as zinc, strontium, and magnesium. They have a truly “organic” diet.

Guangxi Province

Guangxi Province. (Wu Fangkui)

Their lifestyles include:

  • Walking long distances
  • Tons of physical work
  • Waking up early, going to bed early (having plenty of sleep!)
  • Cooking from scratch (no packaged food!)
  • Drinking alcohol or smoking is not common
  • Producing almost no waste
The Bama people believe an active body is a healthy one. Image: Mirko.Eggert via Compfight cc

The Bama people believe an active body is a healthy one.
Image: Mirko.Eggert via Compfight cc

Meat, salt, and oils are scare in the region, making their diets low-fat, low-sodium, and their food is boiled with a small amount of ginger and spring onions rather than fried.

Polenta is a popular food, boiled and mixed with locally produced maize, sweet potatoes, and or pumpkins. The Bama’s call it “the centenarian rice” because it looks similar to a traditional ‘Chinese rice pudding’.

Lightly poached fresh vegetables are part of every meal, accompanied by a dipping sauce. The dipping sauce is made with the water the vegetables were cooked in, baby shallots, cilantro, and a few drops of sesame oil and/or soya sauce.

In summary, the Bama people’s diet is:

  • Fresh, locally grown ingredients
  • Low-fat, Low salt
  • High in whole grain food and less meat
  • No deep fries and cooking by boiling or poaching
  • Drinking lot of water and eat in moderation.

Longevity is something that we can build up to every day by living in a clean environment, having physical activity, a healthy diet, and a grateful heart. It seems like a simple answer, but putting it into practice is the hard work of changing ourselves from the core.

Would you be willing to work for a long happy life like the Bama people?

Click here for a video tour to the Bama.

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