Report: ‘China Got More Corrupt’, China: ‘We Don’t Agree’

Transparency International published its annual 2014 Corruptions Perception Index this week.

This report ranks 175 countries based on how corrupt their administration and political institutions are. The scores range from 0 (very corrupt) to 100 (not that corrupt).

It’s interesting to look at one of the trends everyone is talking about which is China. China actually got worse since last year (they plummeted 20 places to 100th) despite Xi Jinping’s ‘anti-corruption’ campaign. This may point to something many have already observed that China’s anti-corruption campaign is just smoke and mirrors.

Responses by China’s state run media were a bit humorous.

As seen in the video above, their official statement was: “We believe that Transparency International is a group with a definite degree of influence internationally and ought to objectively examine the fairness of its index”.

Let me translate that for you just in case you’re confused but China is basically saying:

This makes us look really bad and we’re trying to save face by blaming you.

That’s a pretty nonsensical response. Next time you do poorly on a test at school use the Communist Party rationale:

Oh I got an F? Well I think you should objectively look at the fairness of your test teacher.


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