This Man Does Yoga Poses on His Speeding Motorbike, Incredible

Gugulotu Lachiram, 40, from Khammam in the Indian state of Telangana, is a yogi and motorbike enthusiastic, so 6 years ago he decided to combine his two passions.


Lachiram takes the ancient practice of yoga to an all new level—the level of extreme yoga.

Yoga requires agility, strength, and balance, and all three of these attributes are required to stay on a motorbike traveling up to 40 mph while performing yoga poses on the back.

Any slip while performing these complex poses would spell disaster for Lachiram. Most people find yoga poses difficult even on a flat, stationary surface, let alone on a motorbike.

This must be the world’s only high octane yogi, and he has become a hero in his hometown. Lachiram hopes to gain national recognition for his unique talent.

What makes this particularly nerve-wracking to watch is that Lachiram doesn’t use a helmet or any safety equipment when he performs his motorbike yoga.

Watch Lachiram perform his motorbike yoga and be amazed by his unique talent.

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