Why Does This 3-Year-Old Boy Want to Be a Hong Kong Policeman?

Police prepare to dismantle the barriers around the protest site. (Adrian Yu/Epoch Times)
Police prepare to dismantle the barriers around the protest site. (Adrian Yu/Epoch Times)

A woman from Hong Kong was having dinner at a friend’s place in Canada, and they were busy chatting about the Umbrella Movement.

After watching the news about demonstrators being injured, the woman’s young son held up his toy gun and said: “Mom, when I grow up, can I go back to Hong Kong and be a ‘Kowloon policeman’ to catch all the police gangs who beat people up when they feel like it?”

Curiously the mother asked: “Why a Kowloon policeman and not a Canadian one?”

He replied with tears in his eyes: “Hong Kong police beat up people for no reason. I want to go back and be a Kowloon policeman to protect grandpa and grandma.  I don’t want them to be battered like those big brothers and sisters on television. Grandpa and grandma will die if they bleed like that…”

Tears rolled down his face after he finished saying this. The woman was moved by his words.

Born in Canada, her son’s only connection with Hong Kong was through the daily video call with his grandparents and watching television programs. But he still had a strong sense of injustice and wanted to protect those he loves.

His simple outlook was more insightful than that of adults. He knew right away that the Hong Kong police couldn’t be trusted and he wanted to join the police force in Kowloon where his grandparents live.

The Hong Kong police force has a respectable reputation internationally, but the Umbrella Movement has exposed its mindlessness, injustice, and brutality to the world. It’s a shame taxpayers pay them to beat up their own people.

Translated by Cecila

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