Anonymous’ Dire Warning to Police: If You’re Corrupt, Justice Is Coming!


After the second grand jury in a week refused to indict a white police officer for killing an unarmed black man, along with numerous other deaths around the country, Anonymous has put out the following message (see the previous message from Anonymous).

Anonymous has issued a stern warning to what it calls ‘corrupt’ law enforcement in America that justice is coming.

They are warning that if the Department of Justice and their police departments refuse to hold corrupt law enforcement officers accountable for their “crimes,” Anonymous will release personal information of police who they consider to be law breakers and murderers so that these people will no longer be able to live comfortable lives, or be able to forget about their crimes of murdering Americans.

Regardless of what stand you take regarding these unfortunate deaths, or the message from Anonymous, if such incidents are not properly addressed, America is heading toward revisiting the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, triggered under very similar circumstances.

It’s readily apparent that the race issue in America is still alive and well, the KKK is still active, there is much hate on both sides, and the divide appears to be growing wider. At least the demonstrations in N.Y. have been largely peaceful, unlike Ferguson.

Let’s pray that sanity, justice, and love and respect for our fellow man will prevail.

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