Need to Wear a Tie? Outclass Everyone With These 7 Tie Knots

Learn to tie these 7 knots and outclass everyone. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Learn to tie these 7 knots and outclass everyone. (Screenshot/YouTube)

All men should learn how to tie a tie. However, if you seldom wear one and can’t remember how or perhaps never learned, these 7 ways of tying a tie will make you stand out in the crowd.

A tie signifies class, elegance, and style.

Wearing a tie is a statement, but it needs to be properly tied to make the right statement.

Here are 7 ways to tie a tie, from the basic to the complex:


1. How to tie a perfect simple knot: The simple knot has the fewest possible steps, easy to learn, and the perfect knot for thick neckties. If you want the smallest and fastest knot possible, follow this how-to video.


2. How to tie a perfect half Windsor knot: The Half Windsor is a time-honored necktie knot that will fit for just about any occasion. Tie this medium-sized, moderately symmetrical knot.


3. How to tie a perfect Windsor Knot: The Windsor knot is a large triangular knot that works best with a spread collar. Learn how to tie this classic, bold, and symmetrical Windsor knot.


4. How to tie a perfect Bow Tie: Tying a bow tie may be difficult for beginners. The character and charm of a perfectly tied bow tie will make learning how to tie a bow tie well worth it.


The next 3 knots are for advanced tiers. These knots will take you to the next level—these aren’t your averages tie knots.


5. How to tie a perfect Eldridge Knot: This knot will require practice, as it’s one of the more complicated knots you can tie. You’ll definitely outshine anyone wearing an average tie knot.


6. How to tie a perfect Fishbone Knot: This knot has a beautiful pattern that will make a good impression and an elegant statement.


7. How to tie a perfect Trinity Knot: This knot is simple but elegant, and well worth the effort to master.


You’ll never have to fear tying a tie again. Experiment with these different knots, and outshine everyone at the next event you attend.

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